About MLS

Image of MLS Powersports' Storefront

We are MLS Powersports, a Christian based company built on our faith and family. We are one of the nations largest Textron Off Road ATV/Prowler/Wildcat dealers, and one of the highest volume pre-owned powersports stores in the country. MLS is also an eBay power-seller and one of the highest volume pre-owned powersports dealers on the web. We get asked a lot about what the MLS stands for, and it isn’t Mark’s initials as most think. It's the initials of Mark and Tricia’s first 3 children; Maddie, Luke, and Sam. Little Gracie wasn’t around when MLS incorporated so we make it up to her by spoiling her rotten ;-)

At MLS Powersports, you won’t find a mega showroom, marble flooring, or big city attitudes. You’ll just find a bunch of guys and gals who love our sport, our God and serving our customers. Come by any time. We enjoy making new friends and talking about ATVs/Motorcycles.

"In your majesty Ride forth Victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice..." - Psalm 45:4